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    Visit our store on Mackinac Island to shop for these collections or call us with questions and availability.


    Balsam Fir Collection

    Made in Auburn, Maine since 1931 our balsam fir products make a great gift. Various sizes and styles of pillows are available, as well as incense and oil. Order online.


    Produced by Native tribes in the U.S. and Canada. Many styles and sizes available.


    Polish Pottery

    Imported from Poland in many shapes and styles.  Pottery is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Stop in to view our collection.  Styles added throughout the season.



    We offer a wide variety of teeshirts and sweatshirts with Mackinac designs.



    Large selection of knives from Buck, Case, Smith and Wesson, Kershaw, and others.


    Lilac Glassware

    Hand-painted in Framingham, Massachusetts and available exclusively in our store.  Various styles available including plates, bowls, stemware, and ornaments.



    Wide selection of rough and polished rocks and gemstones as well as Michigan's own Petoskey stone.


    We offer the popular styles of Minnetonka.